Create a Family Page

What do kids talk about more than family? We all mention parents, foster parents, step parents, grand parents and siblings constantly. Family is such an important part of our lives. So make sure your child can tell others about family members quickly. And.. that they can call out to them!

Coloring Together

Coloring isn’t only an exercise for the imagination. It can also be a great chance for developing communication. Coloring is full of turn taking, requests and responses, and provides so many chances for comments. So don’t just pull out the paper and crayons… pull out Talk Suite as well. And share some wonderful time with your budding artist!

Read Together

Tonight, before you put your child to sleep, enjoy a story. And use the time to build communication and engagement. With Shared Reading, you can enjoy helping your child learn… and also some bonding time! You won’t always see progress  happen overnight, because learning language is a long process. But we think you’ll feel wonderfully pretty darn quick as you […]

Create a Story about Yourself

When we meet someone new, we all tend to introduce ourselves with the same phrases. Make sure your child has that same opportunity! Create a story for meeting people. It’s a great way to capture what your child (and you) think is important. And to get others to know more about their life!

Make Scanning Special

Looks don’t matter. Except that they do. Everything about a person communicates. So why not try to make Assistive Technology feel more special? If your child is a scanner, think of ways to make those buttons reflect their personality. And let your child help you decide just what to do!