Talk Suite’s innovations let you do more. Just when you thought you knew everything about AAC… here’s some great new stuff.  As with all good innovation, ours are easy to learn, adopt, and put into practice. Check out the ways our advances can supercharge communication, support, and learning! And see the ways we’re changing what’s possible with AAC.

ORBIT: Our free Companion App

ORBIT is a free companion app that works in two powerful ways.

Tele-Prompt lets you see an exact image of the users’ iPad screen on your iPhone. That way you can see just what they’re doing without reading over their shoulder. The screen on your phone changes as their does.

You can also draw arrows or circles on your iPhone, and they’ll appear as cues on the iPad (just like the Telestrator in football broadcasts.)  It’s the perfect way to support someone – without being intrusive. What empowerment!

Tele-Text lets text with a person in real time while they use Talk Suite. Whatever appears in their message window (whether with our without symbols) will appear on your phone as text. And whatever you text back, will appear as an overlay on their iPad. 

It’s so much more powerful than typical texting, because it allows a person to write the way they typically write on the Talk Suite app: with symbols, with different keyboards, with delays, scanning, whatever! Tele-Text is also perfect for private conversations, or for using in loud environments when you can’t hear a speaker. SEE ORBIT IN ACTION! 

"Real Feel" Editing

People spend a lot of time editing in AAC. That’s why we worked so hard to make it as fast easy as possible… and even a little bit fun! Our editing interface sets a standard for ease of use, transparency of operation, and understanding the key things people want to see and do.

Additionally every one of our modes has an editing interface specifically designed to make editing in that environment as seamless and engaging as the modes themselves.


Everything Communicates. And Persona symbols from Tobii Dynavox bring a real sense of personality and engagement to the act of speaking. Persona symbols capture all the visual clarity of other symbols, with thick outlines strong colors, and relatively simply styles. But they also bring fun and positive energy to your screen.

Persona symbols also come in a choice of 20 different characters… so you can chose the one that feels best for you!