For Parents

You probably never expected to be on a page like this. And if you’re like most parents on it, you’re having a lot of emotions.

First, you’re feeling unending love for your child. That’s probably also the second thing you’re feeling. But after that…. there must be so many others: confusion, fear, a desire to protect, to nurture, to fix everything…. In short, to do all you can to help your child reach his or her potential.

As so many people will tell you, that’s what everyone feels for their child. And, well, sure. But, let’s be honest: this is different.

It will be harder. The lows will be lower and the highs will be higher. There will be so much less you can take for granted. And your child will have to navigate a world that’s far more complex that it is for most kids: harder with school, friends, education, transportation, and, yes, even around the family.

Okay, now we’ve admitted all that, let’s take a deep breath. Because there is so much you can do to support your child.

It will require some new learning, a good deal of advocacy, finding strength you didn’t know you had, patience, honesty, and faith. But right now, you’re probably imagining all the challenges you’ll face. Instead, let’s look at all the amazing moments that also lie ahead. Because if you can’t envision them, your child might not be able to envision them either.

Your child is going to look for you for not only love, but also support, belief, and knowledge. And those are exactly the type of things we hope you can find here. A vision for what is possible. Pragmatic tools and videos to help make it happen. And stories about some people who use AAC and who have accomplished so much.


Take 10 minutes and start to feel comfortable.

Structuring Inclusion

Dr. Caroline Musselwhite discusses ways to stimulate inclusion.

Vocabulary Organization

Deanna Wagner discusses the different types of words on AAC devices, and how they're organized.

I won't be Invisible

Thomas Ellenson, AAC user, in a performance that highlights all we can do together.