For Therapists

We know what you’re probably thinking. Another AAC app!?!? Really? There’s already way too much for me to do.

That’s not unfair. But we understand that. And we wouldn’t waste your time if we didn’t think there were still a few things we could add to the conversation – and to your efforts. 

Let’s admit it: most people who are engaged with AAC are not as good as SLPs. Parents are usually confused, if not scared.  Teachers are often baffled by how to implement AAC. And a  person who’s using it – well, they probably kind of wish they didn’t have to.

So, you don’t only need to be better… you need to help others be better.

That’s what we had in mind when we created Talk Suite. An app that made AAC easier, more approachable – and more fun!

We spoke with a lot of SLPS, a bunch of parents, and many people who use AAC to discover what could make that happen. You’ll see some great solutions to these issues reflected in the app.

In addition to all created Talk Suite, we also created this site – to be a great resource for you – full of insights, tips, and quick exercises…. and jammed with videos – because that’s so much more easier, more approachable and fun than reading! (See, we’re doing what we said we would!)

Thanks for taking a look at Talk Suite. Let us know what you think! Sign up for our Talk Candy, our bi-weekly newsletter. And, for now, get started with these few videos. We think you’ll love them. And, just as much, you’ll love sharing them with others!

Great resources to share with families.

MultiModal Communication

Dr. Caroline Musselwhite shares the power of using Multi-Modal communication

Fun Home Activities

Share the many activities a family can do together at home to support their child!

Learning about Scanning

Gretchen Hanser discusses how "Scanning" with an AAC device can benefit individuals with the most severe physical challenges.