For Teachers

If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the teachers who gives your students enormous amounts of  time, effort, and passion. You go above and beyond (and thanks for that!)

But then…. just when you feel you’ve got it handled, someone tells you you also need to also integrate AAC and assistive technology into your class.

Wow. That’s not a small task. Getting AT going is hard. And doing it well…. that’s even harder!

So we want to do all we can to help.

We also know that most schools  already have apps they work with. So we know that it’s up to us to help you explore and appreciate all Talk Suite could do for you… and your students.

We’ve tried to create so many resources on this site. And here’s a quick overview. After reading it, we’re hope you feel as energized as we do.

Here’s an overview of what TalkSuite  brings to the classroom

Rich academic language built into the app, and organized for easy access and intuitive navigation.

• Pages and pages of well organized social language so you can help spur inclusion in your classroom.

Incredibly quick and easy editing and customization, so you can adapt quickly for your lessons.

• Rigorously organized language, so you can focus on literacy and learning

• Powerful tools for modeling and implementation. Take a look at orbit!

• A rich video library about communicating and using AAC so you can support parents to be part of teaching their kids.

Dozens of short, fun “how to” videos,  so you can find what you need… usually in less than a minute!

• Innovative tools for modeling and implementation. Take a look at orbit!

• Different modules for different communication needs, so you can focus in an integrated and disciplined manner onon academics, play time, and relationships.

• Great design that engages the student, and others

• A free bi-weekly newsletter with great exercises that help support learning at home.

You’ll soon find there’s plenty to appreciate about Talk Suite. But, for the moment, check out these three fantastic videos that  can help get you energized and full of the belief that is so important in creating success.

10 minutes to inspire you about Implementation.

See our communication modes in action!

Watch short 60 second videos that give you a sense of all the different ways you can use Talk Suite in the classroom.

Get familiar with language organization

Deanna Wagner explains the simple way language is organized on Talk Suite. Take 3 minutes, and save hours!

Setting Goals in the Classroom

Kelly Fonner on the four goals which can improve your efforts - and outcomes!