Grow with Talk Suite

Talk Suite provides so many ways to find more joy for communicators today. But Talk Suite also lets you grow your character and change your voice at the touch of a button!

As you grow with Talk Suite, you can go from a kid to a teen to an adult with a simple setting, and make that change immediately – both your image and your voice

And if you’re a black or hispanic boy or girl, there are also characters for you too.

Our Tobii-Dynavox Persona characters aren’t  just “cute.” They’re critical.

Because, the truth is that we begin communicating about ourselves even before we say a word. (Doesn’t that happen with everyone you meet? Doesn’t their visual appearance say something about them?) So it’s so important that people who use AAC use everything at their disposal to show their capabilities, interests, and charm.

So you can also choose from any of Acapels’s different voice choices, or easily upgrade to a premium voice for a small fee (which goes directly to them, not us.)


And it doesn’t stop there. As one grows, one’s needs grow too. The types of words you use change. You often want longer sentences. More complicated thoughts. And you of course begin to discuss more and more topics. Talk Suite’s modular approach makes all that easier to manage.

Our many communication modes and engaging ways to telling stories, sharing photo albums, or having key things more quickly available are designed to grow with you… so you can evolve your language and literacy easily, without changing how you work with the app.

You can look at a story and simply add to it. Create new photo albums that capture new experiences. And, most importantly, you can easily change up your vocabulary, moving newly favored words to the more easily accessibly pages. 

With a touch of a Setting, you can increase the number of offerings in word prediction, go from a simple conjugation platform to a more advanced and more powerful array of associated words. 

There are so many ways Talk Suite supports you not just today, but tomorrow! Want to know more, read more about the many customization options here!


10 minutes to help envision your growth.

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