Creating a SImple Sentence

(29 seconds) See how easy it is to create sentences in Core Columns. And get a sense of our intuitive language organization.

Creating an Intermediate Sentence

(54 seconds)  See how sentences get created by combining Core Words (top page) and Fringe Words (word folder pages.)

Creating an Advanced Sentence

(96 seconds)  Watch as we put together a relatively complicated sentences, with nouns, adjectives, and modifiers. Then get ready to do it yourself!

Using Talk Topics

(70 seconds) Talk Topics give you great language to have simple conversations in many natural settings.

Sharing with My Life

(96 seconds) With My Life you can share so much about yourself when you first meet people! My Life really lets you engage others!

Photo Albums

(43 seconds) Photo Albums let you narrate your favorite photos. It’s a great tool for one-one-one sharing!