Create a Story about Yourself

When we meet someone new, we all tend to introduce ourselves with the same phrases. Make sure your child has that same opportunity! Create a story for meeting people. It’s a great way to capture what your child (and you) think is important. And to get others to know more about their life!

BeginnerSimply create a story that helps your child to introduce themself,
LearnerWork with your child to find words or phrases that they think are important. And then create the story together.
AdvancedHave your child create their own introductory story, helping them with grammar and style.

1. Go to the Stories Mode. Hit the Talk Suite button. Then Hit Edit/Add and select any open folder with a plus sign. Then hit Create Story.

Title your story something like “Meeting New People.” Add a photo if you’d like.

Hit Save and then Save and Close. 

Then simply press on the new folder and you’ll go right into  the area where you can create your story.

(To see this in real time, go to our website’s How To Videos and look under Creating Content.

2. Now, let’s start with something simple, like “Hi. Nice to meet you!”

After that, use one of the great AAC Techniques – ask the person a question, so you get them involved in the conversation. Let’s be honest – this type of conversation might be a bit different for them.

So how about, “Are you having a good day?”

They are like to say “yes.” So follow that up with one more question to really get them involved.You’ll also get to see them “agree” to being in the conversation.

How about “Are you good if I tell you some  things about myself?”

Chances are they are going to say yes! (And if they’re not interested… heck, at least you got to find that out quickly. LOL.

3.  Okay, now decide all the things you want to say. Maybe it’s the movies you like, or your sports teams. Maybe it’s about where you live or your family. That’s your choice! But try to keep it at three or four… after all this is something new for everyone!

You can add photos or symbols to each of the buttons. But if you don’t, you’ll just see what you’re saying from the label. It doesn’t really matter.. because you’re going to hit buttons in order.

(Here, we’ll use one symbol and one photo. But you do what works for you! For example, if a child can’t read, absolutely add photos and symbols.)

4.  You know what to do now. Let’s start sharing the story. But in order to try to create the most positive experience, it’s a good idea to rehearse a bit with your child. And don’t just tell them to “PRACTICE!” Make it fun. Pretend you’re other people. Maybe their teacher, maybe a movie star, or the local store owner. 

Story Mode is also designed to make it super easy to tell your stories. Instead of having to look for the right button, just keep touching the NEXT PHRASE button and you’ll go through your story, step by step.

That doesn’t only make it easier to hit things in order, it also allows your child to spend less time looking at their iPad, and more time making eye contact. 

You’ll see. This can be fun! 


Engaging Tips to Really Engage People

• In all conversations, it’s important to both speak… and listen! Everyone really loves to talk about themselves. So don’t forget to add a question or two now and then.

• Eye contact is important when we speak with others. And too many people who use speech devices spend nearly all their time looking at their screen. That stands in the way of real engagement. So, when using the NEXT PHRASE button, remember that it makes it easier to have confidence in hitting the next button, so a person can concentrate on eye contact and engagement.

• Don’t worry too much about photos and symbols in Story Mode. It’s really there to talk to others.. and even beginning communicators can feel comfortable just sharing phrase after phrase. When it’s time for photos, use Photo Album Mode!