Make Scanning Special

Looks don’t matter. Except that they do. Everything about a person communicates. So why not try to make Assistive Technology feel more special? If your child is a scanner, think of ways to make those buttons reflect their personality. And let your child help you decide just what to do!

BeginnerGo through your child's interests, adding each one to the FAVORITES mode, and ask them to pick one. Then make your buttons!
LearnerHave your child choose from their existing favorites. And then ask for adjectives (such as colors, sizes, etc.) on what to do.
AdvancedHave your child really tell you just how they want to adapt their buttons.

1.  First, make sure you already have the best placement of the scanning buttons. That’s always critical. Are they simply on a tray? On a headrest? On a footrest or near an elbow? First make sure that the fancy you add to scanning doesn’t impede the actual scanning itself! 

2.  Next, ask your child to pick a favorite thing to reflect on their scanning buttons.

For example, do they like superheroes? Jewelry? Electronics? Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon?

Hopefully, the person already has some great language on Talk Suite to let you know. If not, work together with what’s there to figure it out. (And then add that so  it stays there!)




3.  Lastly, work together to decide how to make that idea come to life! For example, if a person likes jewelry, talk about the kinds of colors, shapes and patterns you want to use. If it’s a superhero, maybe talk about how to base the idea on their powers, on their costume, or whatever else the person identifies with.


4.  A few more reasons for making things even more special.

• Creating something special can really help create identity, so don’t be afraid to make this a project that lasts more than one day.

• Don’t forget that other kids wear bangles, special sneakers, put stickers on their tech and on and on. Think of a button that way – and it’ll really add a sense of fun for both of you!

• Don’t stop with what you have at home. We all know how  easy to find cool sticker and stuff on the web!