It is so important for early communicators to get positive reinforcement.  It lets them see that others are engaged – and it builds their confidence. Talk Topics are a fantastic way to make that happen – with quick, intentional language geared for specific situations.

Some people may say that using pre-stored curated phrases is an easy win. But without easy wins, we so often don’t get to deeper more meaningful wins. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Whether you’re shopping, going to bed or meeting someone for the first time, the things we all say are far more similar than they are different. Pay attention to your own conversations today and see how many times you’re saying something you’ve said before. It’s surprising!

That’s why Talk Suite tries to give people who need AAC a better chance to… well, to more quickly say that stuff we all want top share. Over and over and over! You know, like wanting a hug, to go somewhere, or to share how much you like something,

Yyou can customize and personalize Talk Topics to provide your own specific take on things.. and to make the language fully your own!


BeginnerSupport the individual making good choices while also explaining language intent of comments, questions, etc
IntermediateWork with individual to support their choices of intentional language and to share quick related stories
AdvancedSet up your own Talk Topics to address specific communication opportunities

Screen One. When you go to Talk Topics, you’ll find a dozen topics already there. As you use them, you’ll want to make your own!

Screen Two. Every Talk Topic is organized the same way – into the intentional categories generally accepted by all experts in the field: Wants – both what you want to do and also objects you want to have or use. Information – things you want to share. Comments – both positive and negative. Questions – requests for objects or things you want to know. And, finally, there are Stuff/Stories – and extra space where you can  put in anything you want… although we love to include a relevant story.


Screen Three. What’s great about Talk Topics is that the language is always in the same place. That way not only are things easy to find from topic to topic… but young communicators become aware of their specific needs in speech.