Shouldn’t people who use AAC also be able to easily share their photos and talk about them? In fact, shouldn’t photo sharing absolutely be an integral part of any communication system. It’s how all of us talk today!

Don’t you hate cell phones? Well, what about when they’re used to show photos? Of  everything under the sun. And when they share great special moments. Vacations. Family members. Instagrammable meals! Oh, yeah… then they’re great. It’s  so cool to hold a phone, share those things worth a thousand words, and share such a great vision of your life!

That belief is gorgeously expressed in the Photo Albums on Talk Suite. It’s a remarkably beautiful interface that’s as fun to look at as it is to use. And it is so easy to create a photo album. It takes just minutes – whether you’re doing it on a trip, taking photos as you go along, or using the photos you’ve already taken to capture things that way.

Sharing photos is a great way to create bonds and shared experience. It lets others visualize your life. So share away!


BeginnerMake one album of a person's home and another of their family. Let others see more of typical stuff in the day to day life.
IntermediateChoose photos that share vacations, trips, and interests. Make sure to create sharable moments!
AdvancedReally capture great moments that just can't happen without photos. Use them to stimulate others to really increase engagement. Photos say so much!

Screen One. On the Photo Album Home Page, you’ll see four pre-built photo albums. You’ll love that the first one shows you how to makes your own Photo Albums, and also gives tips on how to make them exciting. And, don’t hate us… but another album tells about a trip to New York!

Screen Two. This album shares some food from a great weekend. When a button is active, the photo and what you’re saying appear in the photo box. You can touch any button, or just use the Next Photo button to ‘step’ through the photos.