Our lives are defined by the stories we tell. But here’s something interesting. We all tend to tell the same stories over and over and over again. You know why? It’s precisely because they define us for people we are meeting. That’s how it works for everyone.

So if you need AAC and, likely talk more slowly, shouldn’t it be as easy as possible to tell these stories.

That’s why we created an entire section for Stories. And why we made it so easy to tell them – with a next button, that never moves, so you can use more of your energy making eye contact and really feeling the story as you’re telling it.

As you tell your story buttons turn to gray to indicate what you’ve already said!

And, don’t forget. Stories can also be used to give presentations in front of classes. To help share information with people when you first meet them, or when you get together with friends or family after a while. Really – it’s been said since the time of cavemen. We are our stories! So make sure those stories are always within easy reach. And enjoy sharing them.

It’s also super easy to make your own stories with our editing interface. Check out this video and see what we mean!


BeginnerSupport someone telling the great, interactive stories included in Talk Suite
IntermediateContinue to add specific stories that allow an individual to share the stories that are important to their lives
AdvancedCreate stories, talks, presentations. Use stories not only for everyday usage, but also for specific communication opportunities

Screen One. The Story Home Page puts all your great stories in one place so you can get to them quickly. Keep stories top of mind and make a lot of them. It’s one of the best ways for people to get to know you.

Screen Two. Each story is easy to make and easy to tell. You can tap buttons one after the other, or just use the Next Button. After all, as opposed to some other ways we speak, stories are usually told in the same sequence!


Screen Three. As you tap through a story, buttons dim out as they are spoken. That ways it’s easy to remember where you are. Stories are great for class presentations and for acting!