Jokes are part of our shared experience. And a terrific way to build engagement with new people. If you don’t believe that, just ask an elephant who’s sitting on a fence. That’s why we created our Jokes Mode.

It’s there to support your sense of humor and to enhance ability to tell jokes – with a thoughtful layout of set-ups, punch lines, and sound effects.

We’ve also created a special screen that makes it super easy to create new jokes. Because you sure don’t want to be stuck with only our groaners! In fact, do  you know why the chicken crossed the road? To get to Talk Suite. LOL!

Using Jokes

BeginnerEnjoy the jokes that are here. Simply tell someone a joke, and then, let them do just what you did with another one!
IntermediateAfter telling a joke, keep it open to add sound effects - like laughs or a rimshot. Ba-da-bing!
AdvancedAdd your own jokes and tailor them to the individuals age level and tastes.

Screen One. The Jokes Home page shows you all your options for jokes.



Screen Two. Individual jokes are easy to create a deliver. Just tap a joke, and speak the set-up.


Screen Three. You can speak and close back to the Jokes Home Page. Or, keep the page open after the punchline so you can deliver a rim-shot or laugh track! Ba-da-boom!