Using a keyboard can be one of the most efficient approaches of AAC – whether you’re fully literate or if you’re just a beginner. That’s why Talk Suite offers so many keyboards – each designed to provide many powerful support right out of the box! 

If a person has good spelling skills, a Keyboard with Word Prediction provides communicate with speed and precision! For kids who don’t quite yet get spelling, a simple keyboard is still an important support. For example, a child may not know how to spell Cassandra, but they might know that it begins with C. And from there you can work together. Don’t forget – the goal is to communicate…. not to always communicate perfectly.

You’ll find a whole array of diverse keyboard choices, including ones specifically designed just for scanners. And each keyboard onecan be used with or without symbols.

Our Word Prediction is also very strong. Our proprietary word banks do a remarkable good job of anticipating the words you’ll want to say, based on the context of your sentences. Also, you can customize word prediction to show from six to eighteen choices. And you can organize them alphabetically, or based on frequency. Both approaches have their benefits.,

Lastly, Talk Suite can also  be used with any keyboard you download on the App Store! (You might be interested in ours – Type Suite. It’s a super innovative layout designed specifically for people who have difficulty isolating their fingers to hit smaller buttons.

Using Keyboards

BeginnerUse the keyboard to get familiar with the alphabet and to spell simple words. Don't use word prediction yet, as kids still need to learn to spell.
IntermediateAdd word prediction to build more vocabulary and expose a child to additional language. Explore those words together.
AdvancedActively use word prediction without symbols for fast, powerful spelling of all generative language. Fill that in with Talk Suite's robust pre-stored language, which we hope you've personalized!

Screen One. When you’re using the Apple keyboard or any iOS-based keyboard, you get access to Talk Suite’s powerful word prediction. If you’re a speller, typing the words you want to speak is a  great way to communicate.

Screen Two. If you need bigger keys, you can choose our keyboard. This is how it’s organized to feel most like the typical QWERTY keyboard.

Screen Three. Some people prefer a keyboard that simply goes A, B, C. Well, we have that too!

Screen Four. This keyboard looks a bit odd. It’s an Efficiency keyboard. The most frequently hit letter, e, is in the upper left hand corner – and the letters flow out from there from most frequent to least. 

Screen Five. Talk Suite also offers a keyboard specifically designed for scanners. It feels very much like the efficiency keyboard – and that makes sense… because scanners need to scan the keyboard column by column, and row by row. 

Screen Six. The version of the keyboard adds colors. It helps people with visual challenges better differentiate the letters.