We all have favorites! Favorite tv shows, favorite movies, favorite foods, and… favorite people! Well, here’s your next favorite: a specific, well-organized area where you can go to just share your favorites – across so many areas.

When you’re verbal, it’s easy to name all your stuff. But when you use AAC, simple quick information like this is too often hard to find. That’s a shame, because that’s what people are interested in. That’s why we make sure you can get to these things quickly.

Favorite lists also have a pragmatic purpose. They speed up things like choosing what to wear, where to eat, what tv shows to watch, and so on. And you can easily make lists of your things with photos. Why not have  a photo of every favorite shirt in your closet.

More importantly, Favorites are here so you can share experiences and interest – because those things are so often are the first step in creating friendships and relationships.

Using Favorites

BeginnerUse for supported selection of simple objects. And add personal favorites with Photos!
IntermediateUse for requests for many day to day activities - like foods, tv shows, people.
AdvancedUse as an incredibly powerful aide for quick communication of wants, needs, and information

Screen One. Put all your favorites into the one Fave Lists area. It’s so easy to get to them all. We’ve started you off with over a dozen ideas for lists, and a few great phrases that allow them to turn into fuller conversation. But don’t stop there… add your own. Anybody want to list favorite apps!?!?

Screen Two. Don’t overthink these lists. Just put down your favorite items. Again, sharing favorites is not about having grammatically perfect conversations – it’s about finding shared interests, and starting new relationships.

Screen Three. Creating favorite lists is super easy. You can literally make a full page  in just a few minutes. But don’t blame us if it leads to conversations that last a whole lot longer!