Wow – a section entitled My Life. That means it’s got to be important. And it is important – because YOU are important. But people don’t always assume that off they bad. They need to get to know you a bit. And so that’s what My Life is all about.

In My life, you bring together all the different things all over Talk Suite which, when put together, share the core of who you are.

In this example, we’ve got a bit about our Family life (where we live, whom we live with), our Favorite Thing to Do (which happens to be going out for Steak dinners), Our love of Broadway and of Baseball (we know… it seems a mismatch, but maybe that’s what makes you special!) It also shares what you do on weekends and then has a few special memories, like the summer you had two years ago, and also a trip to NYC.)

It doesn’t matter what the things are. The important thing is that they are important to YOU. And that means you’ll be able to have them all together, with a minimum of searching or screen jumping.

And, remember that it’s important for people to learn to prioritize, organize, and program their own devices. Here’s a great place to start!

Embrace the My Life Mode. Because learning to have the bravery to share your interests and experiences is the pathway to having others embrace you.

Using My Life

BeginnerProvide a beginning user with lots of great information that you know people will want to know.
IntermediateWork with an emerging communicator to decide on the things that are most important in their life - and come up with great ways to share them
AdvancedBe ready to share the most important things in your life differently with different people. But don't make others wait to get to know the beauty of YOU!

Screen One. Every page within My Life will be a different. Some will be lists, some will be photo albums, some will be regular pages. But that’s okay in this mode… because each part of your life has a best way to share it.  

The important thing is.. you’ll know where it all is.