Quick Chat puts so many of the things you say over and over again right at the touch of a button. Greetings, Manners. Introductions. Key questions. And things for which you need help.  

Quick Chat is a pop up, so after you speak, you go write back to where you were. For example, you might be having a conversation and you might…. burp! Just go to quick chat and hit “Excuse me.” Then get back to whatever else you were saying. After all, whether able-bodied or with disabilities, good manners is a key part of relationships. So make Quick Chat something you go to often!

Using Quick Chat

BeginnerSupport the individual by often using Quick Chat as reminder of the need for simple language in simple situations and to spur interest in communication
IntermediateEncourage unaided use of these many valuable comments and interjections
AdvancedCustomize and adapt to really make these your own.... and use as a great way to better convey personality. For example, do your own versions of "Yes."

Screen One. A screenful of  words and phrases that you’ll want to get to over and over again no matter what you’re doing. Just speak and then return to where you were. 

Screen Two. Want to say more than one thing? Simply hit the open button and tell the page to stay closed until you’re ready to move on 

Screen Three. Don’t forget to edit the buttons on the page so all the information is about you! For example, add your name, your address, and your email. It’s super easy to edit. To see videos, just check out our Videos!