Like Quick Chat? We do too. But there are still so many other specific things where you want more choices. For example, a dozen variations on hello. Or the need to quickly give a direction, to give your name and email, or to share a color.

Quick Topics essentially gives you more specific quick chats dived into these topic areas. Cool!

Using Quick Topics

BeginnerUse for active Q&A
IntermediateExplore the day. How you feel. Food you want. People you want to see!
AdvancedBecome a master customizer... And get the ideas that help define you and your tastes up front, so you can quickly share your breadth of interests, wants, and reactions.

Screen One. Quick Chat offers so many of the areas where you often want quick information. A color. Key people in your life. Manners. Things you need help with, and so forth.

But don’t stop with what we put there. Add your own! Maybe rooms in your home. Places you want to visit. Or favorite sayings like, oh you know, that old chestnut “boo-ya.” Or “May the Force Be with You.” Or “Live Long and Prosper.” Or… wait we’re talking to much about ourselves now. This is for YOU!

Screen Two. Once you choose an area, give yourself a lot of options for what you want to say. For example, we’ve already put a whole lot of emotions to share in “emotions.” And, of course, you can add your own. Again, feel empowered to add some of your own! Maybe you feel “puddlewonderful!”