Multi-Modal Communication

Multi Modal means there are many ways we can communicate: different approaches to exchange information, desires, thoughts, stories, and feelings with each other. Great communicators know how to choose modes smartly, and how to best use those many tools.

If you look at your own life and relationships, you’ll realize that really communicating effectively with anyone is difficult: a child, a boss, a spouse, a friend. And we all use different modes and approaches for each of them. Some verbal – some body cues, etc.

The entire situation is, of course, a whole lot harder with someone who can’t produce speech in the simple ways we can. It’s not only harder to put together a sentence, it’s also harder to get people to listen. That’s why we offer so many different modes. Because communicating well requires it. Especially with Alternative Communication.

BeginnerUse simple things - like word lists, stories, and photos - while you begin to explore literacy.
IntermediateBegin to think about which Mode will be best in different situations.
AdvancedMaster the art of choosing the best communication approach for the best moments!

The Multi-Modal Mantra. Get into the powerful hinking behind  multi-modal communication. Read our simple, yet super thoughtful, philosophy.

See multi-modal communication in action!  Enjoy this amazing performance by a young man with CP and his theater group. Discover how much can be said… with only 5 words.

Start with Core – Then add more. Putting sentences together word by word is, of course, the most precise way to talk. And that’s important. But it’s less important if people don’t wait to hear you. So while you make sure a person is building literacy… also spend time to make sure they understand the requirements of the people who are listening to them. And finding ways to be engaging quickly… even if more simply.

Explore our many communication approaches. In some ways, it’s easiest to understand core. It’s sentence building – which we all do. But think of a tennis swing. Sometimes to get great, you need to do things that are less intuitive. That’s the idea behind Talk Suite. If you think about it, there is so often a more efficient and engaging way to communicate that building word by word. But… you’ll only be as good as your skills. So learn to think harder about how you communicate. And do more!

For an example… favorite Lists are necessary, empowering, and engaging. Do you know anyone who doesn’t like to tell their favorites? Whether it’s a favorite food, movie, or outfit? Favorites tell people about us – and also let us request things. As a young person is learning why they need to communicate (which is, oddly, not always so clear to youngsters) inspire them by going to favorites often.