Choose Your Keyboard

Keyboards are a key component of communication. And so it’s important to choose the best one for you. You can easily use the Apple keyboard – or any iOS-compatible keyboard – and you then have access our powerful word prediction. However, if a child is just learning their ABCs, or requires scanning, you might want to choose something with bigger buttons, and  something where you have more control. Here are your choices.

Keyboard Options. When you first open Talk Suite, you get to choose from one of these three keyboards. You can also read about their plusses and minuses. However, you also have additional choices you can get to in settings.

Take a look at all the options below!

Keyboard Choices in Settings. Go to the Talk Suite Home Menu and hit Settings.You’ll find all your keyboard choices in Literacy Options Folder. Because they are so important, you can also find them in Key Toggles Folder.

Type Suite. A great keyboard option is Type Suite. Type Suite “hides” four keys that you rarely use on a second keyboard, so that all the other keys are 52% larger.. and so much easier to hit.

Due to smart design, you’ll barely see the difference in the keyboard.

And…. You’d be amazed, but the letters Q,Z,X and V combined account for less than 1% of the keys we hit… even without word prediction!

Talk Suite QWERTY keyboard. This keyboard  is set up like the typical QWERTY Keyboard. However, it is built into the Talk Suite app, so you will be able to scan it.

You can also find this keyboard layout in the other grid sizes. Because those are not as wide as typical keyboards, we’ve made smart adjustments so they’ll still look familiar to you.

Scanning Keyboard.   This efficiency keyboard is designed so that the most frequently used words are closest to the upper left corner. That way, you can get to them as quickly as possible when you’re scanning.

You’ll find similar layouts in the other grid sizes.

Explore all the other keyboards as well.

You can see them all in our manual. Download it here.

If you have questions, just email us at


1. ABC keyboards don't build literacy. Organizing letters by ABC may seem smart, and is good for a while, but it doesn't support literacy
2. Apple also has great alternative keyboardsThe Apple iOS offers many other keyboards that you can use - and our word prediction works with all of them.
3. A keyboard that looks different may be great for your child!Even though efficiency keyboards look odd... people who scan really benefit from them.