Change Voice and Character

It’s super easy to change your voice and character. You can choose any of our 20 characters to add some great energy to your communication. Characters are available for both ambulatory and wheelchair users. You can choose any of the standard Acapela voices. Or, for small one-time fee of $11.99, purchase a new one from within our app. (These charges to go Acapela, not Talk Suite.)

Choose Your Character when you first open the app. Our Onboarding Wizard lets you choose your avatar right when you first sign up. Find one that appeals to you. You can always go to settings and change it later as you grow older…. or feel older.


Choose Your Voice when you first open the app. Our Onboarding Wizard lets you choose your initial voice. But if you want to tweak the pitch or speed, you’ll need to go to settings.

You can hear any of the voices simply by touching the button. You can also purchase any new premium Acapela voice from within the app and it will download immediately. 


Settings for Character and Voice. Just go to Settings and select Voice and Character. You can choose from among the ambulatory or wheelchair users. Full body symbols will correspond to what you choose. Then choose your voice. 


Child Characters.  Talk Suite lets you choose from 12 child characters.

We don’t have everyone, but we have a great choice. It’s important for kids to feel the energy of great design. (If you don’t believe us, check out what they look at on the internet or TV.) So our characters have charm, identity, and a sense of engagement.

Teen and Adults. Talk Suite also features a more limited group of teens and adults… but we do offer a choice of sexual identity and wheelchair / ambulatory representation.


1. Everything Communicates! A screen with fun characters says something about you even before you speak.
2, Symbols should be fun... and functional!Persona Symbols are designed to be contrasty and well-defined, for those with visual issues.
3. Your voice matters.Voices can be adjusted for a change in pitch. And to be faster or slower. So feel free to tweak yours!