Megan Fucci-Wenzel


AAC is hard. Don't go it alone!It's hard to speak with an AAC device. And it's also hard to support the many many different ways young communicators use AAC. Some just use single words. Others sentences. Others try to do all they can with the other tools in their environment. As you're supporting a young person who uses AAC, make sure you create a Circle of Support. If you're an Speech Language Professional, make sure to meet with your team. if you're a parent, find other parents. But don't go it alone: that can be a lonely place. Make a team. Make friends. And you'll make more progress!

Megan Fucci-Wenzel

The Great iHope


Megan Fucci Wenzel, MS, CCC-SLP has been practicing in the field of speech and language pathology for 20 years, specializing in AAC, feeding, and motor speech disorders. She is currently the Director of Speech and Language at the prestigious International Academy of Hope (iHOPE) in Harlem, NYC and  has presented her work at Closing the Gap and ASHA.  Her professional passion is to ensure that every student she works with, despite the many extremely complex and significant needs, has a way to communicate. In doing so, Megan enjoys collaborating with colleagues and families to build a strong foundation of communication skills and supports.  When not working she enjoys to spend time with her husband, her daughter and her dog.